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hat is the installation height of wall lamp?

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 n the house decoration, the decoration of the living room is very important, because the host will stay in the living room most of the time, a wall lamp makes the living room more prominent style, the installation height of the living room wall lamp should be the most important part of the installation of the wall lamp.


1. Where is the bedside wall lamp better installed?

1. The installation height of the bedside wall lamp is 1.5m~1.7m below the bottom of the wall lamp.

2. The distance between the bedside wall lamp and the wall is about 95-400 mm.

3. The installation position of the bedside wall lamp is generally above the bedside. There is usually a double-headed wall lamp in the middle or one on both sides. But it should be reminded that if there is no wire head reserved on the wall before decoration, it is better not to choose the wall lamp for bedside lighting. Because the wall lamp is often installed in the middle of the wall, there is no dark line, you need to pull a wire on the wall according to the position of the wall lamp, so that the smooth wall looks beautiful.

4. The switch of bedside wall lamp should be touchable. Whatever bedside wall lamp is chosen, the convenience of the switch and adjustment of the lamp should be taken into account. If the switch of the bedside wall lamp can't be touched when people are lying down, then when sleepy and want to turn off the lamp, they have to make great efforts to find the switch or adjust the brightness again, so as to leave little sleepiness.

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