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How much is the solar outdoor wall lantern?

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The price of solar LED outdoor wall lamp is generally $2-200, the price difference is large, 2 dollars is very simple wall lamp, in addition, the pric

 The price of solar LED outdoor wall lantern is generally $2-200, the price difference is large, 2 dollars is very simple wall lamp, in addition, the price should be customized according to the manufacturer, YUANLI has a little more than $2, different wattage, the price is different.


  solar LED outdoor wall lantern


Solar outdoor wall lamp is a promising new power supply, which has three advantages: cleanliness, flexibility and so on. Solar cell has a long life, so long as the sun exists, the solar street lamp can be used for a long time with one investment; compared with thermal power generation and nuclear power generation, the solar street lamp will not cause environmental pollution; Xuzhou solar outdoor wall lamp can be large, small and medium-sized, up to millions of kilowatts of medium-sized power plants, small to only one household.

Solar street lamp manufacturer's solar street lamp mainly uses radiation as energy source, irradiates on the photovoltaic cell, then carries on the full charge processing to the module. Solar energy can be effectively converted into electrical energy, so it is very important to select the specific location when installing lamps and lanterns.

Choose a place that can be illuminated at any time. Never let the foliage occlude you. The street lamp controller with clock controller should set the switching time in advance to make the street lamp turn on and turn off on time, so as to achieve the purpose of automatic control. The preset switching time of the timing switch is not disturbed by the outside world and will not produce any other action except its own fault. It is time-consuming and laborious to adjust the switching time manually instead of automatically changing the switching time according to seasonal changes and special weather conditions.

The solar outdoor wall lamp fittings include: solar street lamp is composed of solar cell module, LED lamp head, controller, battery and lamp pole. Where the plastic parts of the lamp head of the solar street lamp are made by adding diffuser to the original meter PC data, the operation of the LED lamp head made from the original meter PC data seems to be similar to that of PA data, but this material has better heat dissipation. PC is polycarbonate. Polycarbonate (PC) is a macromolecule aggregate containing carbonate group in molecular chain. According to the organic combination of ester group, it can be divided into aliphatic, aromatic and aliphatic-aromatic groups.

Because aliphatic and aliphatic-aromatic polycarbonates have low sluggishness, their application in engineering plastics is limited. At present, only aromatic polycarbonate has been used to obtain industrial seating mattresses. Because of the uniqueness of polycarbonate mechanical closure, it has become a general engineering plastics with increasing rate among the five engineering plastics. Solar outdoor wall lamp holder with less money can be divided into clamp and screw according to device style. It can be divided into bakelite, plastic, metal and ceramics according to data. In addition, according to manipulation situation, some lamp holder protection level is as high as IP68. When purchasing, please agree with the corresponding IP protection level lamp holder according to demand. IEC is generally used for lamp holder. Authentication.

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