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Brief Introduction of Fire Emergency Light

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Emergency lights can effectively illuminate and display evacuation channels when normal lighting power supply fails,

 Emergency light can effectively illuminate and display evacuation channels when normal lighting power supply fails, or can continuously illuminate without interruption, which brings many conveniences to people's daily life. It has become a necessary product in modern family public buildings and other places. What is the principle of fire emergency lights? What's the price of emergency lights? What are the installation locations and specifications of fire emergency lights? What about emergency lights?

General name of lamps and lanterns for emergency light. Fire emergency lighting system mainly includes accident emergency lighting, emergency exit signs and indicator lights. It is set up to guide trapped people to evacuate or carry out fire fighting and rescue operations after the normal lighting power is cut off in case of fire. However, in the daily inspection, it is found that there are many problems in the selection, installation and use of fire emergency lamps. Therefore, the reasonable choice of power supply control mode and wiring mode of emergency lighting system and the daily maintenance work directly affect the role of fire emergency lighting system. In our daily life, we should check frequently to prevent accidents before they occur! 


There are many kinds of fire emergency lights. The common emergency lights in general places are LED double-headed emergency lights and safety exit indicator lights. As a common lighting tool, emergency lights play a very important role. Emergency lamp work mode is divided into two parts: municipal power and standby power. Small batteries are installed inside. When the municipal power is cut off, the standby power can be automatically changed, so that the fire emergency lamp can continue to work normally under the power cut. According to the new national standard, the working time of the emergency lamp after power cut can not be less than 90 minutes.

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